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We commission industry experts to write many of the features in Mslexia; we also welcome pitches from any woman writer with something interesting to say. And of course there are one or more articles written by me in every edition, some of which I will be uploading here – including my detailed justification for launching the magazine in the first place, a more recent update looking at whether things have changed, and an article about turning your life into literature.

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Stretching the truth

Writing your life story might be therapeutic, but it’s unlikely to result in great literature. If you want to write about your experiences, consider turning them into fiction instead Years [...]

Mslexia: are we cured yet?

With three current female poet laureates, and women winning the Costa, Forward and Carnegie prizes, what have we got to complain about? Debbie Taylor argues that one Mantel doesn’t make [...]

Three cures for mslexia

Dyslexia is a difficulty, more prevalent in men, with reading and spelling. Mslexia is a difficulty, more prevalent in women, with getting published. Debbie Taylor identifies the main causes of [...]