The autumn edition of Mslexia is out now.

Why did the Literary Editor retrain as a bricklayer? What’s the best way to respond to critical feedback? And what happened when a schoolgirl asked why there were so few women authors on her A Level literature syllabus? Plus a report on the explosion in self-publishing and a specially commissioned monologue by Jackie Kay. It’s all in the Autumn edition of Mslexia.

Announcing the Mslexicon women’s writing weekend

The drawbridge at Mslexia Towers was lowered on 1 October to welcome the wonderful Michelle Hodgson, who turned Huddersfield Literary Festival into a thriving annual literary extravaganza. Michelle will be managing the inaugural Mslexicon women’s writing weekend in July 2019. So if you’re a woman writer, it’s time to start saving your shekels and clearing your diaries for a weekend like no other, when you can share your writing, explore your ambitions, and clink glasses with some of the best agents, authors, editors and tutors in the UK. And make a lot of new friends at the same time.

New poetry, prose and script themes

The next topic for poetry, fiction and script in the Showcase section of the magazine is ‘clothes’. A slightly slant way of approaching this challenge is to imagine a character wearing an item of someone else’s clothing. Have they stolen it? Bought it from a charity shop? Put it on by mistake? Use all your senses to consider how the unfamiliar item smells, feels, looks, sounds when your character wears it for the first time. Now imagine them coming face to face with the previous owner. What happens? Up to 2,200 words for fiction, 40 lines of poetry or 1,000 words of script (including stage directions) – click here for details of how to submit.

More free submissions opportunities

There are 14 other ways of submitting your writing to Mslexia, including articles about writing, topical poems, memoir pieces, narrative non-fiction, children’s bedtime stories, flash fiction, short stories and more. We pay for every piece we publish. For the latest slots and themes, check here.

Workshops, talks, surgeries

Upcoming Mslexia events involving moi are listed here.