On the land

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… about organic gardening and traditional lifestyles, including trying Cretan root-to-fruit practices on my Tyneside allotment, and my ‘walk on the wild side’ culinary and eating experiments – plus a blog with new info and updates.

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Foreign climes

If you’ve read my biography you’ll have seen that I have spent significant chunks of my life away from the UK – in Botswana, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Greece and a host of other countries. Apart from the odd winter break, I’ve usually travelled as a researcher and writer rather than a tourist, and stayed in one place for a significant amount of time, trying to understand as much as I can about the people living there. In the coming months, I’ll be posting some of the writing that emerged from those stays.

Organic exploits

For years I’ve been frustrated by the lack of useful information in books written by organic gardening experts who garden full-time with seemingly limitless resources on enormous plots of land. So I thought I’d distil some warts-and-all advice of my own, gleaned from 12 years on a chilly Tyneside allotment and 16 years on a parched Cretan hillside.

Cook on the wild side

This section explores the wild plant and animal foods that were once – and still are in many places – a vital part of Cretan eating, and explains their importance for nutrition today.