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What is creativity? Why are writers more depressed than other people? Can writing be taught? And how do these issues play out in real women’s lives? This is where you’ll find my articles and survey reports that try to answer some of those questions. All of the material posted here appeared originally in the pages of Mslexia magazine. For more recent research and theorising, carried out by people who are not me, check out the publication updates in the On the mind blog.

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A bad first draft

Some of Mslexia’s most revealing surveys of women writers were those exploring what gets in the way of our writing. It turns out that procrastination looms large in the [...]

Creativity survey reports

How to beat writer’s block

One of the many surveys we’ve conducted at Mslexia was about writer’s block: how many women suffer from it, what form it takes, how they deal with a block when [...]