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The most recent marketing leaflet for Mslexia magazine refers to it as ‘a masterclass in the business and psychology of writing’. This is because, apart from its commitment to women writers, what sets the magazine apart from other writing magazines is its exploration of creative inspiration and motivation, and how these are realised in writers’ lives. Over the coming months I’ll be posting regular updates of recent publications and academic research on the topic, as well as some of my own articles from Mslexia, including the results of Mslexia’s creativity surveys, and a series of pieces about fostering creativity in our daily lives. The brief reports below are selected from a larger series published in every issue of Mslexia.

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The defiance theory of creativity

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Creative Behaviour, one of a very few academic journals publishing reputable peer-reviewed research into creativity in all its many forms. [...]

Bolshy women are more creative

A team of psychologists in Poland has been looking at what personality traits are associated with creativity in men and women. The results of several large-scale investigations reported in the [...]

Colouring in combats anxiety

Recent research from a team led by Jayde Flett at Otago University in New Zealand suggests that an enjoyable and inexpensive way of practising mindfulness and combatting anxiety and depression [...]

Uses of insomnia

In a recent essay on, Scottish writer Karen Emslie has been investigating her own sleep patterns and has discovered that what she thought was troublesome insomnia – waking at [...]

Mental ‘warm-ups’ improve creativity

Research by Wilma Koutstaal at the University of Minnesota suggests that people in creative occupations benefit from mental ‘warm-up’ activities just as much as athletes do from a physical warm-up. [...]

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