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A blog about creativity and parapsychology… including latest academic research and survey results on women writers’ creative processes, plus individual paranormal experiences.

This is where I don my psychologist’s hat and talk about creativity – what it is, how it works, ways of helping it along. And about parapsychology, that fascinating scientific backwater that explores phenomena, such as precognition and reincarnation, that are not currently explicable via standard models of perception.

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1. Create a writing realm

When my daughter is playing intensely, she always closes the door to her bedroom. It’s a way of ensuring no one breaks the spell of her imagination. Studies of successful [...]

How to grow a new brain

Demystifying the Female Brain by neuroscientist Sarah McKay – which was published by Orion in May 2018 – pulls together research into changes in the brain through every cycle of [...]

Some preliminary results

If you're one of the 2,541 people who took part in the survey, thank you so much. And special thank you to those who took the trouble to describe your [...]

The defiance theory of creativity

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Creative Behaviour, one of a very few academic journals publishing reputable peer-reviewed research into creativity in all its many forms. [...]

Uses of insomnia

In a recent essay on www.aeon.co, Scottish writer Karen Emslie has been investigating her own sleep patterns and has discovered that what she thought was troublesome insomnia – waking at [...]

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