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A blog about creativity and parapsychology… including latest academic research and survey results on women writers’ creative processes, plus individual paranormal experiences.

This is where I don my psychologist’s hat and talk about creativity – what it is, how it works, ways of helping it along. And about parapsychology, that fascinating scientific backwater that explores phenomena, such as precognition and reincarnation, that are not currently explicable via standard models of perception.

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Mental ‘warm-ups’ improve creativity

Research by Wilma Koutstaal at the University of Minnesota suggests that people in creative occupations benefit from mental ‘warm-up’ activities just as much as athletes do from a physical warm-up. [...]

2. Learn to waste time

Psychologists have identified a stage in creativity known as ‘incubation’. This is the period between the first inkling of inspiration and its realisation in a piece of creative work. Many [...]

Speaking in tongues

This extraordinary study chronicles an investigation of a woman who, under hypnosis, was able to speak a language neither she nor the hypnotist had any previous knowledge of. The study, [...]

Prevalence of near-death experiences

As a nurse working in intensive care, Penny Sartori encountered many people who had died and had subsequently been resuscitated – some of whom talked to her about their experiences [...]

How to grow a new brain

Demystifying the Female Brain by neuroscientist Sarah McKay – which was published by Orion in May 2018 – pulls together research into changes in the brain through every cycle of [...]

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