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All of my novels are concerned, to some extent, with the paranormal. I’m not entirely sure why. It might be the result of my Roman Catholic upbringing; or my two years in a traditional village in Botswana, where the dead were buried beneath the mud floors of the houses (including mine) and ancestor spirits were a part of everyday life.

My first novel, The Children Who Sleep By The River, is based on my research with a nganga (traditional midwife) in Zimbabwe, who became possessed by the spirit of her great aunt when she was attending a difficult birth. In my next, The Fourth Queen, there is an important subplot involving hexes and curses. In Hungry Ghosts the clue is in the title – it’s about the debt the living owe to the dead. And by now you might have worked out that Herring Girl is all about reincarnation.

But I am a scientist too, with a doctorate in neuropsychology, so I approach all of these spiritual themes with a scientific perspective as well as a writerly one – which I hope explains why I’ve added parapsychology to my website.

I’ll be posting summaries of recent relevant research findings here as I encounter them, along with information about new (and occasionally old) books on the topic that I’ve found interesting – including a list of books about reincarnation that I consulted during my research for Herring Girl.

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Reincarnation within families

A pervasive observation reported by those who study reincarnation, is that ‘souls’ (for want of a better word) frequently reincarnate in groups. This is the principle on which my novel […]

Identifying ‘locked-in’ syndrome

A new book claims that so-called ‘locked-in syndrome’ – in which someone in an apparently comatose or vegetative state is actually aware of what is going on around them – […]

Books about reincarnation

Below is a list of my main sources for Herring Girl – if you read them too, you’ll understand why I was forced to ‘suspend my disbelief’. […]

Speaking in tongues

This extraordinary study chronicles an investigation of a woman who, under hypnosis, was able to speak a language neither she nor the hypnotist had any previous knowledge of.

The study, ‘A […]

Prevalence of near-death experiences

As a nurse working in intensive care, Penny Sartori encountered many people who had died and had subsequently been resuscitated – some of whom talked to her about their experiences […]

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