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A seven-year itch

It’s said that every cell in the human body is renewed every seven years. I feel as though a similar cycle of change and renewal applies to my life too. So I spent seven years studying to be a psychologist, followed by seven years as a journalist specialising in ‘third world’ and women’s issues, combining that work with writing fiction and narrative non-fiction.

Then I became a mother, and embarked on the most challenging seven years yet: getting involved in women’s literary publishing, editing Mslexia, caring for our pre-school daughter – and trying to write fiction in the teensy spaces in between.

Along the way I have published literally hundreds of features, reviews and interviews in a wide range of different publications. But I’ve also produced a number of more substantial pieces of work that I thought were worth listing here, because they are a tangible reflection of my various incarnations as an author.

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New Internationalist
Special issues of the magazine that I was responsible for include: Population, Ageing, Health, Women, Food Industry

State of the World’ series of reports for United Nations organisations, including:
Report for the International Year of Aging
Report on the State of the World’s Women
Report on the State of the World’s Population

Women: A World Report, an extended version of my Report on the State of the World’s Women, plus essays from leading woman writers from eight countries around the world, including Germaine Greer, Marilyn French and Anita Desai. The book was published by Methuen and translated into over ten languages.

A Tale of Two Villages, a collection of  ‘documentary fiction’ stories about sickness and health, life and death, in two villages in Thailand

Servile Forms of Marriage, a report for Anti Slavery International, which spearheaded an ongoing campaign on the issue

Violence Against Women, a report for the World Health Organization

Writing Women
I co-edited this literary magazine, which became an annual anthology of new writing, published by Virago
The Nerve: The Virago Book of Writing Women 1
Wild Cards: Virago Book of Writing Women 2