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Should you write a novel or a memoir, why bolshy women are creative, and an investigation into the existence of souls

The autumn issue of Mslexia is out now, including my interview with Meena Kandasamy, author of the explosive novel When I Hit You, shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction and the Jhalak Prize – which is reprinted here, along with my article about turning your own life into literature.

Also new on this website are reports on recent research into the personality characteristics of creative people and the importance of challenging your little grey cells.

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… about fiction, non-fiction and journalism, including the background to my fiction and non-fiction books, recent challenges and issues, plus info and insights about my work at Mslexia magazine.

Interview with Paula Hawkins

Girl on a Train author Paula Hawkins’ follow-up Into the Water stormed into the bestseller charts last year despite bemused critical reception of her multi-voice structure. This interview charts [...]

Stretching the truth

Writing your life story might be therapeutic, but it’s unlikely to result in great literature. If you want to write about your experiences, consider turning them into fiction instead Years [...]

Mslexia: are we cured yet?

With three current female poet laureates, and women winning the Costa, Forward and Carnegie prizes, what have we got to complain about? Debbie Taylor argues that one Mantel doesn’t make [...]

On the mind

… about creativity and parapsychology, including latest academic research and survey results on women writers’ creative processes and research into and survey results relating to paranormal experiences – plus a blog with new info and updates.

Colouring in combats anxiety

Recent research from a team led by Jayde Flett at Otago University in New Zealand suggests that an enjoyable and inexpensive way of practising mindfulness and combatting anxiety and depression [...]

2. Learn to waste time

Psychologists have identified a stage in creativity known as ‘incubation’. This is the period between the first inkling of inspiration and its realisation in a piece of creative work. Many [...]

Reincarnation within families

A pervasive observation reported by those who study reincarnation, is that ‘souls’ (for want of a better word) frequently reincarnate in groups. This is the principle on which my novel [...]

Herring Girl

Herring Girl book cover

A time-slip novel investigating a century-old murder and the possibility of reincarnation

‘Wonderful – conjures up the past with visceral intensity’ Sarah Dunant

‘A vividly imaginative, sensuous and atmospheric novel’ Helen Dunmore


mslexia issue 78 cover designThe magazine for women who write

Mslexia tells you all you need to know about exploring your creativity and getting into print.

‘inspired, inspiring, invaluable’ Sarah Waters

‘the place for poets to see and be seen’ Carol Ann Duffy

‘an essential part of the writer’s toolkit wherever you are in your career’ Val McDermid

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Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts by Debbie Taylor

An infertile woman becomes obsessed with the troubled young builder to renovate her derelict cottage in Crete.

‘sensuous, absorbing, evocative’ Hilary Mantel

‘weird and compelling’ Daily Mail

The Fourth Queen

The Fourth Queen by Debbie Taylor

En route to the Colonies in 1769, Helen Gloag is kidnapped by pirates and sold into the harem of the Emperor of Morocco – based on a true story.

‘literary Viagra’ Amanda Craig

‘a novel of impressive energy and boldness: a weird and sumptuous historical hybrid’ Independent

My Children, My Gold

My Children, My Gold cover artwork

Seven days spent with each of seven single mothers in seven countries around the world, documenting life in the ‘fourth world’.

‘one of the most important books I’ve read in years’ Scotland on Sunday

‘seven beautifully-written and absorbing testimonies of courage’ Independent