Bolshy women are more creative

A team of psychologists in Poland has been looking at what personality traits are associated with creativity in men and women. The results of several large-scale investigations reported in the Journal of Creative Behaviour, involving 2,674 adults aged 15 to 59, reveal that both creative self-efficacy (belief in one’s creative abilities) and creative personal identity (seeing oneself as a creative person) were ‘positively associated’ with conscientiousness and ‘openness to experience’ in both men and women; and ‘negatively associated’ with neuroticism. But there was a striking gender difference in one of the other personality characteristics examined. ‘Agreeableness’ was found to be ‘positively associated’ with CSE and CPI in men, but ‘negatively associated’ with both CSE and CPI in women. It would appear that women may need a dash of bolshiness to realise their creative urges.

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